Supplements or Drugs?

Supplements or medicines, which are better?


Some think it doesn’t matter which you choose, but I truly believe it does.

However, you should understand the differences.

Supplements Aren’t like Drugs.

Sometimes you’ll see a difference in how you feel almost immediately. When we started taking food supplements we got an overnight energy boost and active in the morning, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

More frequently it will take at least a month, and usually three to six months before you’ll notice a difference in your health.


Many people don’t realize that supplements work. The changes are so gradual they forget how badly they were feeling before they started taking the supplement, and think it has done nothing for them.

Many prescription medicines mask symptoms and make you feel better quickly while your health continues to deteriorate.

Supplements provide the nutrients you body needs to heal, but that healing usually takes time! However, some food supplements like C24/7 and COMPLETE PHYTO-ENERGIZER will takes less time because of its unique composition (see the complete details in the products listings). You will feel the power almost immediately for 15 minutes and lesser time (10 seconds) if you remove it from the capsule and mixed it in a glass of water.

Prevent Poor Health and Added Expense

So even if you spend more initially on supplements, in the long run you will save money because you can avoid much more costly medicines and surgeries in the future.

This is also why it is recommend that you keep track of how you are feeling as you begin to use supplements, so you have a record of your health before and after.

If you compare the long term health effects of supplements against medicines fairly, you’ll realize what you spend on supplements is an investment in a healthy future.

So, invest in your health….It is better to prevent than to cure..



About Remuel Alcaen

International Distributor of Alliance in Motion Global Inc.

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