Company Profile


Is a direct sales MLM company formed by the triumvirate – owners Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, Francis Miguel and John Asperin in September 2005. The company was conceptualized to provide exceptional products and services to the market. Presently, the company holds offices at Units 301, 319 & 320 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, ADB Ave. cor. Garnet & Sapphire Sts., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines respectively.
The company distributes and markets top-of-the line food supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way USA, and premium blended beverages. AIM Global is the only direct sales company accredited by Nature’s Way USA as its exclusive distributor for Direct Sales in the Philippines.


AIM Global is considered one of the top companies in the MLM industry and is a staunch advocate of direct sales entrepreneurship. Its dynamic “pro-distributor” marketing plan has attracted and benefitted hundreds of thousands of distributors. The business has provided opportunities for distributors to gain financial independence and have provided a better future for their families.

Over the years, AIM Global has built a strong presence with 3 branch offices in Cebu, Davao, General Santos City and 104 Business Center Offices in the country, currently at hand. The move to go global has opened vast opportunities for the company. And in just a few years, AIM Global has established international offices in Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Hawaii and Dubai. The company opened its doors in the African continent and established its offices in Nigeria and Ghana and recently has set up its Business Center in Kuwait. Offices in Macau, Malaysia and Indonesia will follow suit in the coming months.As a pro-distributor marketing company, AIM Global is devoted to providing the distributors – the lifeblood of the company, a brighter future. The company has partnered with 300 schools, clinics and hospitals nationwide to provide scholarships and medical programs designed to help our distributors and their families avail of affordable, quality education and medical services.

The company acknowledges the dedication and hard work of its top distributors and rewards them with all expenses paid travel incentives to further inspire them to excel in the direct sales business.

At present, the company’s leaders and distributors travel around the country as ‘ambassadors’, promoting the good news of health and prosperity that could be gained from AIM Global result to economic progress.

Our Statement

“We are always on looking for more innovative approaches, more ways to improve and study industry trends and systems that will help our business lead to prosperity and more success.”


Our methodology begins with our lasting mission of asserting our purpose as a company and serves a benchmark for our actions and decisions.

  • To empower the world.
  • To encourage confidence, optimism and happiness.
  • To create worth and make a distinction.


Our vision serves as the outline of our methodology and directs every aspect of our business by unfolding what we need to achieve in order to continue sustainable and quality growth.

  • Distributors: To have a great place to work where distributors are inspired to be the best that they can be.
  • Products: Bring to the world a portfolio of quality revolutionary products that anticipate and satisfy people’s health desires and needs.
  • Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and distributors, together we create joint, long-term value.
  • Efficiency: Be a highly exciting and dynamic organization that will be flexible to furnish the trending needs and desires of the market.


Our values provide as a breadth for our actions and describe how we perform in the world.

  • Leadership : The valor to shape a better future.
  • Integrity : Be genuine and reliable.
  • Excellence : To stand out and be known.
  • Passion : Committed in heart and mind.
  • Quality : Revolutionary and effective products to cater the world.

directorsAwards and Recognitions Received:

  • Most Outstanding Food Supplement by Asian Star Brand (Philippines)
  • Most Outstanding Mega Nutritional Supplement by Asian Business & Marketing Quality Awards
  • Most Outstanding Wellness Technology by Global Awards for Marketing Excellence
  • Most Outstanding Premium Herbal Capsule by Philippine Marketing Excellence Award
  • Outstanding Global Marketing Company by Asia Pacific Excellence Awards
  • Most Outstanding Whitening Supplement by Asian Business Quality Awards
  • Asia’s Most Outstanding MLM-Direct Sales Company by Consumers Choice Award
  • Asia’s Most Outstanding Natura-Ceutical Food Supplement by Consumers Choice Award

2013 Awards And Recognitions

  • Asian Business Leader of The Year – CEO Dr. Ed Cabantog by Asian Networkers Convention held at Bangkok
  • The Best of the Best in the Industry – CEO Dr. Ed Cabantog by Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA)
  • Best Company of the Year 2013-2014 by Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA)
  • The Fastest Emerging MLM Company from ASIA by Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA)
  • No. 1 Global MLM Direct Sales Company with Gold Seal of Quality by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation (NCAF)
  • No. 1 NutraCeutical Food Supplement with Gold Seal of Quality by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation (NCAF)
  • No. 1 Health Organic Coffee with Gold Seal of Quality by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation (NCAF)
  • Top 1,072 Corporation according to Philippine Business Profiles and Perspectives Inc.
  • Proud member of the International Direct Selling Educational Institute (IDSEI)

2014 Awards And Recognitions




Going after and winning awards makes you more appealing to
employers and clients, yes. But it can greatly help you materially,
and perhaps most under-emphasized, it can permanently
lift your confidence. Numbers never lie, these awards was given by different bodies and organizations that clearly saw the numbers in terms of growth of the company and expansion of sales, business centers and value of products. Maximize this opportunity!

aim-9th-year-anniversary-1030x686Witness how AIM GLOBAL conquer the global arena and GROW as a strong “Pro-Distributor” Company. With it’s breakthrough products and services it has changed many Filipino lives all over the globe.

Proud Member of MLMIA


Network Marketing Association The Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), is “The Association for Network Marketing – Worldwide.” A professionally managed not for profit trade organization, it is strongly committed to the advancement of the rapidly growing Network Marketing industry.
To know more about MLMIA, visit


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