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AMS LIFE SCIENCEAFC-HD AMS Life Science is a general OEM (original equipment manufacturing) manufacture, which can correspond the lines of plan, research, development, and processing as well as completion of dietary supplement and cosmetics to meet the entire customer needs. To enable to produce products along with customer requests as variety of manufacturing lot, the force of sales and marketing department, product planning department and development department, and production department in Shizuoka prefecture is an essential.
We are confident about the safety of products because our factory only produces them under pharmaceutical level of quality control system. This is our, AMS power, pride to customer’s dream come true.

AMS Power is a corporate posture to make customer’s “dream” comes true which unite cooperate with the sales and marketing department devoted to customer-centric, product planning and development department concentrated professional staffs and production department had pharmaceutical level of quality control system. We believe that for this confidential relationship is an important power source to lead our company to the future and engage offering certain products to you.

We are engaged in R&D from the perspectives of preventive medicine and naturalism, with the aim of allowing our customers to live out everyone’s dreams of “living a long healthy life” and “being beautiful.”
Our purpose is to contribute to the creation of a bright and sound society of healthy, long-living people through the production of quality dietary supplements and natural cosmetics.

The most important task of a general OEM manufacturer is to produce products that make customers’ “dreams” come true.
To achieve this goal of fulfilling the “dreams” of customers, our sales representatives, who not only have a very broad knowledge of products, but also are well versed in manufacturing processes, design and offer plans that thoroughly reflect what customers hope to achieve.
At the product development stage, prototype production and experiments are carried out, mainly by technical staff of the Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd., one of our group companies. We fulfill our mission of producing quality products through a single system that integrates research, production and quality assurance.

Our prime purpose is to bridge between our customers and each function of the AMS Group, thereby ensuring the production of effective and safe products that are “dreams come true” for our customers. At the same time, of course, we also actively offer new suggestions to our customers based on the extensive information that we have collected through our own initiatives, such as explorations of new materials, assessments of safety, efficacy, etc.
AMS LIFE SCIENCE manufacturer


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