Cancer is Curable!

Cancer Doesn’t Have to Scare You Anymore!

Here’s the article for October Breast Cancer Awareness.

Question:  What 3 words strike the most fear in people?  It’s these words:  “You’ve got cancer.”

Once a doctor declares that you have cancer, the world suddenly seems like it’s stopped turning.  Your blood runs cold, you become weak in the knees, and your heart pounds loudly in your chest.

And thereafter, you begin to remember all the people who have died of cancer.  And you say to yourself, “I don’t want to die.”

This chilling scenario is played over and over again in doctors’ offices all over the world.  Every 3 minutes, someone new is diagnosed with cancer.  Almost 21.4 million people will be diagnosed with cancer every year by the year 2030, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Have you been told those 3 dreaded words?  Or if not you, has someone you know been told they have cancer?

No One Can Escape Cancer … But Cancer is Curable!

It’s true that if you live in the modern world … there’s no escaping cancer.  It strikes people of any age, race or social background.

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Cancer is Man-Made

“Cancer is Man-Made,” Scientists Admit 

How to Overcome Cancer in Natural Ways

The Low-Down on Antioxidants 

You’ve probably heard the buzz about antioxidants, but just what are they, and what role do they play in your health?

appleAntioxidants are phytochemicals, vitamins and other nutrients that prevent oxidation from occurring in your body.  To understand oxidation, just imagine what happens to a cut apple when it is left uncovered for a couple of hours.  It begins to brown and rot.  The same process happens inside your body if it is not protected by antioxidants.

What causes the oxidation?  Your body produces harmful byproducts called free-radicals11FREE RADICALS” – unstable molecules that scavenge your tissues looking for electrons to steal.  In the process, healthy tissues are destroyed, leading to aging and disease.  Unfortunately, we have entered an age of free radical overload, as our bodies are also attacked from the outside in via pollution, cigarette smoke and toxins from cleaning products and herbicides.

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Is Age Reversal Possible?

Is Age Reversal Possible using Resveratrol? 

YES! But did you know…that in addition to resveratrol’s widely publicized anti-aging benefits, it also has been shown to have powerful anti-cancer effects?

INTRODUCING! C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals and RestorLyf  longetivity formula in VCAPs, is a new powerful anti-aging and anti-oxidant formula which contains a unique blend of Resveratrol blend of standardize quality extract of Japanese knotweed, red wine grape seed and concentrated red wine powder. One capsule of C24/7 and RESTORLYF is compared to 200 glasses of Red Wine.


Resveratrol is perhaps best known as an anti-aging antioxidant. Harvard Medical School and BIOMOL Research Laboratories very recently discovered that resveratrol can extend your life span by as much as 70% by activating a primary “longevity gene.”

In the last three years, however, research has turned to uncovering resveratrol’s role as a natural anti-cancer drug. What scientists have found is that resveratrol helps to both prevent and treat cancer.

A more intelligent compound than those found in chemotherapy drugs, resveratrol supplement leaves healthy cells protected and unharmed because it is able to differentiate between normal cells and cancer cells. Resveratrol doesn’t just scavenge for injurious free radicals; it is able to switch enzymes, genes, hormones and chemicals on and off.
Resveratrol Blend for Anti-Cancer Properties

red-wine-and-grapesResveratrol is an antioxidant found in red wine, red grape skins, fruits, veggies, legumes…even weeds! Its multi-faceted nature, coupled with the fact that it is inexpensive, low in toxicity and easily obtained, makes it an ideal anti-cancer antioxidant.

Since its anti-aging benefits first became known in 1997, research has determined that resveratrol blend is a potent anti-oxidant…


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Why Network Marketing an Opportunity?

Because it is the best way an average person can build assets in order to have financial freedom faster than working a job.

Network Marketing levels the playing field. No matter who you are, where you come from, or your education level, Network Marketing is available to all and does not discriminate. Anyone can take advantage of this business and succeed.
Network Marketing will turn ordinary people into extra-ordinary one as long as you work for it. This is the 21st Century business for all. 

Unlike many home based businesses, Network marketing allows investors with very little capital to get started. With less than USD$300, you are good to go. If you are like me without any fortune to start from, then MLM Network Marketing opportunity is your best choice.

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