What is Cardio Pulse

Cardio Pulse, What is it anyway?

Cardio Pulse is a simple, Non-invasive, and painless screening that is 99.17% as accurate as the catheterization method.

The Pulse Wave technology is FDA approved; performed with a Class II medical device Cost is less than $150.

cardio pulse
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Alliance In Motion Cardio Pulse Clinic services was announced during Alliance In Motion Global Leader’s Meeting held at Alliance In Motion Global head office last July 05, 2013. On the meeting, Doc. Ed Cabantog Alliance In Motion Global INC. CEO and President, discussed the Cardio Pulse benefits to individuals and to Alliance In Motion Global Distributors (see the video). The highlight of the meeting was about the new Cardio Pulse Clinic and the advantages for distributors referring people to try out the new service of Alliance In Motion Global INC.

waveform cardio pulseDr. Ed Cabantog introduced the “New Product” for Alliance In Motion waveformGlobal distributors – “Cardio Pulse Test“. Cardio Pulse Test which is basically a service offered at the Cardio Pulse Clinics, comes with a “GC Marketing“. The exciting concept will attract customers to consult to a non-traditional/specialized clinic like the Cardio Pulse Clinic.

This innovative concept of servicing people is another first in network marketing in the Philippines brought to us by the #1 network marketing company in the Philippines, Alliance In Motion Global Inc..
Watch the Introduction of Cardio Pulse Testing:

Prevention is always the best cure. Taking a Pulse Wave Test is a simple,
proactive way of empowering yourself with knowledge. Always talk with your doctor
so that you make informed decisions about your health.


One of the benefits if you are an Alliance In Motion Global member/distributor is FREE to this testing.
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